Opening .tar.7z files built using tar|7z

Hello there,

I'm wondering if it's possible to open/view .tar.7z files by the way of
the extensions as we can do for .tar.gz or .7z ones when 7z has been
compressing tar data through pipe, i.e. when the .tar.7z archive has
been created using: `tar c * | 7z a -si foo.tar.7z` instead of
`tar cf foo.tar && 7z a foo.tar.7z foo.tar`.

Where's I'm stuck, is that the tar:// interface doesn't handle 7z
compression (tar doesn't know about it) and that entering such a .tar.7z
using u7z:// only shows a single file, un-typed as .tar since the .7z
file doesn't know about a .tar one inside.

Any idea how to perform this?



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