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I want the opposite.
 mc -V == GNU Midnight Commander unknown
 for 2009 Slakware.
The 2 <history buttons> don't show a list of where I've most recently been.
They tend to show: 80% all on the same sub-PATH of several boots ago.

OK RPi has v 4.8.3 shows recent visited & different for left/right panel.

BTW I think appending [with the ability to clear] to the clipbrd, would be
more useful that copying.

== Chris Glur.

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   1. Privacy option? (Toby)


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From: Toby <etatoby gmail com>
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Subject: Privacy option?
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I usually enable the privacy option on GUI desktop systems / file managers,
which prevents them from keeping a menu of recently accessed files and
directories, because I find the feature more troublesome than useful.

In plain Bash terminals instead I use a "private window" concept, borrowed
from web browsers. Whenever I'm about to work on private data I type 'unset
HISTFILE', after which all following commands typed into that window won't
be saved in .bash_history

Is there a similar option for mc? Either a global option to avoid saving
activity history (such as recently accessed files, directories, and
commands) or a temporary switch akin to "private window"?

Otherwise, has anybody come up with some hook or script to do that?

I took a look at the files kept by mc and I found the following:


The first is the most troublesome file. I only want to keep the
[user-fmt-input] and [mini_input] sections there (which are really
configuration history, rather than activity history) and get rid of
everything else. The second file contains activity history of recently
edited files and the third contains the directories browsed using Tree
view, so they need to go as well.

I just cleaned up those three files and gave them root:root 644
permissions, which seems to be doing the trick: it keeps them read-only
with no visible error message. But I'm wondering if there's a better option
out there.

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