mcedit macro problem!

I wasted time on this, some years ago. And now I've failed again..

---------------> Old Slak13 instructions + Newer RPi both fail.
To define a macro, press Ctrl-R and then type out the key
      strokes you want to be executed..
Press Ctrl-R again when finished..
You can then assign the macro to any key you..
        like by pressing that key..
The macro is executed  by: Ctrl-A and then the assigned key.
The simple example is to delete all "=" [from current cursor - forward].
The <F4>=<Replace> function of mcedit is the basis of the macro.
 <f4> = <ca. 9 tabs> o l <enter>
 <must key to remove prompt which Falsely announces '5 replacemnets made'>
Change to RPi, from mc version of Slak13 ?!
Removing Ctrl-A as the "root of the Activate-Macros tree" was a bad choice;
 the safety of first entering via Ctrl-A was a good feature - now lost.
The general problem is that, for defining the macro:
 the key-sequence is INTERTWINED with reacting TO the PROMPT-FRAME.
And when activating the macro:
  the PROMPT-FRAME demands keying AGAIN: with it's now different environment.

It's like trying to mix live-interpretation & pre-planned-compiling.

Since mc is essentially always live-with-prompting-menues:
  what *IS* a possible example use of the mcedit macro facility?

== Chris Glur.

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