Re: How to select & view files?

On 12/31/16 1:43 PM, Yury V. Zaytsev wrote:
I have a directory and want to select the (log) files beginning
'201105*.log' . However, if I hit `+` and type that in, nothing
gets selected. The only thing that seems to work is '*' selects
them all. Do I misunderstand.

Works for me on Linux. I hope you tried this *inside* the directory?

Hi Yuri, I'm not sure what you mean inside the directory, but I just tried it again using asciinema to record 
it and it worked!
Exited asciinema and it still works! So not sure what was going on.

Related question, instead of *selection* using a mask, is there a similar function for *filtering*? (I only 
want to see certain files in the current directory.) I think I can achieve this with find and panelize, but 
I'm wondering if there's an easy, quick mask.

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