Re: mplayer keyboard control

mplayer must be running in the foreground in order to receive your keyboard events.

I've found the best way to use mc for music control is to modify your menu file (F9 -> Command -> Edit menu file) and add entries with slave commands for xmms/deadbeef/whatever running elsewhere.


=+ t r & t t
Q       Enqueue tagged files in MP3 Player
                deadbeef --queue %t
                set %u

It's also possible to get your window manager to intercept certain key combos and send commands to your audio player. The technique varies from one wm to another.

On 2016-08-31 06:46, benoit felix wrote:
I managed to make mplayer the default video player in mc. It is all fine but the keyboard control does not work anymore (eg. pause, stop, etc). I initially thought that I would have to put some prefix key like Esc-Tab for the autocompletion in the mc command line but nope. How to tell mc to not intercept keybindings send to running applications like mplayer?

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