Re: Why does one have to "Press any key to continue" after running a command?

F9 -> Options -> Configuration... -> Pause after run -> set to Never.

On 2016-08-23 10:38, Theodore Kilgore wrote:

For example:

Running Midnight Commander, with the panels turned on, I do a command such as

latex Cntl-Enter

(using the Cntl-Enter seqiemce tp bring a filename down to the command line, so that it says

latex file.tex

Then after the latex command has done its thing one does not get the panel back. Instead, one sees "Press any key to continue"

Perhaps there is a good reason for doing things this way, but I cannot figure out what it might be.

Also I can not find any option in "man mc" which would look as though it ought to be what one should do to turn this off.

Theodore Kilgore
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