Re: "mc is over!?" - post by Ilia Maslakov on Russian-speaking IT site

Hi Slava,
thanks for the answer.

The sooner I get the access to the repository, the sooner I can start to check the code.
I don't have time to work on it but I wouldn't be able to stop the curiosity to dig into it and see how to compile, as first.
So, let me know your thought.


2015-05-27 14:19 GMT+02:00 Slava Zanko <slavazanko gmail com>:
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Hi Luca,

27.05.2015 14:43, Luca Lazzarini wrote:
> Hi all! I am Luca, it is the first time that I write here.
> Honestly I cannot let mc die, so I would be happy to offer myself
> as volunteer to help the development.
> I am a web developer, for the most frontend but my background is C
> (from the university, I was pretty good, lets say almost medium
> weight).
> I am working as software developer in Amsterdam and I am building
> the frontend for a startup in London (from a friend) so I will be
> pretty busy for the next two months. Anyway after that time I
> should have sorted out the front end for the startup and I should
> have free time back!

Ok, let me know when you'll have free time and I'll give you all
needed permissions.

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