Re: mc Digest, Vol 134, Issue 1

F9 / C[ommand / Edit extension file
    [ User ]  [ System Wide ]   =chose one
=> see: ./root/.c~/mc.ext
=> Search "pdf"
=> find
<------>Open=(see %f &)
<------>#Open=(acroread %f &)
<------>#Open=(ghostview %f &)
<------>View=%view{ascii} pdftotext %f -

So it uses pdftotext .....

Search "zip" to see what mc would use to view *.zip
pe/^([Zz][Ii][Pp])\ archive
----->Open=%cd %p/uzip://
----->View=%view{ascii} unzip -v %f

So first, I'd try *manually*: unzip -v
 to debug if/why mc doesn't do that ......

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   1. Can't open archives (Ibrahim Salim Omari)


Message: 1
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2015 10:42:46 +0100
From: Ibrahim Salim Omari <iomari gmail com>
To: mc gnome org
Subject: Can't open archives
      <CACiefddfVKSjQ80yqhMw+f=BSSA7YbKepZB9HRhuX+M5veZd9g mail gmail com>
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I've been using mc for longer than I can remember with minimal problems.
However with my recent compiled git version, I can no longer see inside
archives (zip,rpm,jar,tar.*,etc) by pressing enter on the file. When I do
this nothing happens. I don't know if I missed a feature when compiling or
if this is a bug.

What can I do to get this to behave the way it behaves normally?

OS Opensuse 13.2 64bit
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