Re: mc problem in recent versions of fedora/rhel

I'm assuming this happens when you ssh into other box and then
run mc? Not when you do a shell link in mc from your box?

What does your $TERM var say when you ssh into the other box,
before you run mc?

Also, what does it look like when you sit down at the other box
and run mc?

On Sat, 04 Apr 2015 18:48:22 -0700, solarflow99 <solarflow99 gmail com> wrote:

Hi, first i'd just like to say thanks to all the developers and users
of midnight commander, its been probably the most indispensable tool
i've used for years.

Since installing Fedora 21, using xterm I noticed the line and block
characters don't display properly when sshing to another host.  It
works fine on localhost though.  I files a bug about it in redhat
bugzilla, but no one there bothered to look at it.  Has anyone else
noticed this?
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Peace and Cheer

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