large file


I just tried to inspect a really large file (/var/spool/mail/<User>)  
with "mc".

File size about 5 GByte, about 90 million lines.

I've searched for the first occurance of "Scanning /" - that's the  
beginning of lots of error messages.

"mc" (started with "f3") doesn't find these lines with "f7", but it  
shows them (thousands of them) at the end of the file.

        grep -n -m1 '^Scanning /'

shows the first occurance at line 52,915,470

Running "mc" in f3 mode and using f5 for "goto line": doesn't work (or  
shows another part of the file).

Ok - such large files may be very seldom ...

Viele Gruesse!

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