Re: Key bindings for the Samsung Chromebook

On 26 May 2014, at 1:45, Theodore Kilgore <kilgota banach math auburn edu> wrote:


I am trying to make a Samsung Chromebook to support Linux functionality in 
a manner to which I am accustomed. The problem is missing keys. A possibly 
noninclusive list follows, for anyone who might possibly not be 
familiar with the hardware:

1. There is a Backspace key, but no Delete key. 2. No Insert key (useful 
in MC for highlighting files for various actions). 3. There are not PageUp 
nor PageDown keys. 4. The Home and End keys are missing, too. 5. The 
Function keys 1 through 10 are present, but they are not labeled as such 
because the default OS maps them to various hardware functionalities, such 
as more sound, less sound, more brightness, less brightness, and such. In 
Linux these are mapped to the usual F-* keys, and it is not obvious how to 
recover their "original" functionality at the moment. That is a 
longer-term project.

Dear Theodore,

As a suggestion from the un-knowledgeable, I use mc on a mac which also has missing keys. There are some 
workarounds, so as a long shot, this is taken from a mc tutorial I have on my personal website. 

The F key problem: Easiest fix for regular users - open System Preferences -> Keyboard, tick to use the F 
keys as normal function keys. Otherwise, use Ctrl-t in place of the insert key to select multiple files, and 
Esc - 1-0 in place of the F keys.

Hope it helps in some small aspect.


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