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Consider <copy list of files> to be an ATOMIC action.
Else there's no end to the specification of HOW it's done:
going down to the level of quantum-physics of the hardware.

BTW, it would add value, if F7/search's arg was saved,
eg. as default, as you step a sequence of F3/F4.
Perhaps a key-combination already exists?
That's why continually adding features has it's disadvantages?

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   1. Copy/move of folder contents, sending order (wwp)


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From: wwp <subscript free fr>
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Subject: Copy/move of folder contents, sending order
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Hello there,

it's not the first I realize that mc does copy a folder contents by
order of filesystem entries, not sorted according to how the mc panel
is sorted. If I understand the technicals behind this, I wonder if we
could not send files in a way they are sorted exactly like the way we
see them or the way a human would expect them.

This can be disturbing when you start transferring a long list (or few
files but big ones, or over a slow network) and go on the other side
(remote..) and expect the 1st file to make use of it. Bad luck you're
not receiving the "first" expected files.

This seem to only happen when you copy a folder, not when you select
several files then copy it (in that case, WYSIWYG).

Any thought?


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