Re: mc Digest, Vol 126, Issue 1

Since you've got multiple stages:
  ssh -> mc -> mcedif/view -> toggling ...
you need to determine/say which stages are OK,
to be able to focus on the potential problems,
by knowing what NOT to look into.

I too have inconsistent-behaviour/confusion with mc from:
 x86PC <--> rPi
via eth0.
We don't want to have to go-down-to `strace` ?!!
Since you are playing with the deep/heavy-artillary of  `strace`, can you see
which of [say 8 running mc - in X] has got it's inactive panel on pathX, when
lsof | grep mc | grep <pathY> shows the active panel ??
eg.  lsof | grep mc | grep ALO <-- shows:
mc        19280       root  cwd       DIR       8,34      160
2449 /mnt/toshi/ALO
  because mc [pid=19280] has active panel on: /mnt/toshi/ALO
Now I'll toggle the active panel to /root/.ssh ; as seen by:
lsof | grep mc | grep 19280 | grep cwd <-- shows:
mc        19280       root  cwd       DIR       3,15     4096
216823 /root/.ssh
Later on, since I've already go 12 mc open, I 'll want to know WHAT/IF mc has
ALREADY 'got' mnt/toshi/ALO in its INactive panel, instead of opening
The mc-system KNOWS that mc:pid=19280 has inactive panel on /mnt/toshi/ALO,
and also the PATH of mc:pid=19280 's ACTIVE panel.
My X-syatem [blackbox] shows me which workspace/terminal has got mc @ /root/.ssh
so then, I can just go to that WS:VT to find the suitable mc.

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