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Hello Miven,

On Thu, 12 Sep 2013 17:10:18 -0700 Miven <mdooligan gmail com> wrote:

On Wed, 11 Sep 2013 05:00:04 -0700, <mc-request gnome org> wrote:

I wonder if it's (or would be) possible to sort the filenames in the
find files dialog? I presume it's about sorting the files list *before*
processing to the in-file search, so that results can be presented as
they are performing.

Speaking of find files, I just upgraded from my well hacked 4.6.1 to
4.8.10 last week. Awesome. The new dialogs are superb. Thank you devs.

Back to the question:

I get results as they happen. Does your system wait until everything is
done before displaying results?

I use find files on huge directory trees very often. Any sorting process
would slow down an already lengthy process I would imagine. Of course
I'm usually grepping for something.

If you are just finding files without looking through the content, then
I could see maybe wanting the results sorted (alphabetically?).

I believe find files just scrams through the dirs and files in whatever
order they present themselves from the disk in order to be a speedy as

Yes, files are grepped and results shown "live". It's not displayed at
the end of the whole process. If you run the find file process, you can
feel it, it's sensitive when you find in big files, as you see results
being shown file by file, slowly.
My asking for sorting was for both find files and grepping files. Same
point to me.

As an addendum, if the files were sorted first, and then grepped, that
would mean the A's *always* get processed before the Z's, or some such
thing. I don't think I would like that very much.

I don't agree with you there. I really don't care what A or Z file is
being grepped first. What's your point here, does it matter? Do you
want files to be processed by FS storage order?

And anyway, since search results are displayed file by file, I guess we
have no other choice here if we want sorting. Unless you want the whole
find file process to run (potentially for hours) *then* you get things
displayed? Ouch, no thanks. Or I misunderstood something?

What might be more useful to me is a button to sort the results *after*
the search had been completed. And even then, do you sort on the
pathname? Modify time? Inode? Owner? Choices, choices, options,

Sort after could be an option, yes, but it seems less pertinent to me,
moreover when all find options are found *before* starting the find
process. Moreover, getting files sorted *live* makes way more sense to
me, as I sometimes open another terminal and look at the directory
contents (sorted, thanks to mc or ls). Of course, when I asked for
sorting there, I meant "an option to sort files", but I meant to sort
files as they are processed, not a button to sort afterwards, which
really means an option in the find dialog, where other find options
reside (first hit, regexp, etc.).



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