What is "audio/x-wav D)download or C)cancel" anyway?

and why do I get a black screen with this mysterious message at the bottom 
when I am attempting to play a WAV file in MC running in a terminal (not 
in X!)? And, of course, I just get this message, no music. What in the 
world is happening, here?

Just upgraded to Slackware Current on my old eeepc netbook, decided to 
play a piece of music afterward to relax, and I confronted this.

I looked into the extension editor, and it says about wav files and other 
sound files that it follows what is in /usr/libexec/mc/ext.d/sound.sh

That file does not seem to contain anything of the kind. It says it is 
going to use "play" in the terminal (which is what I expected) and it says 
it wants to use "xmms" in X. But nowhere that I could think of looking did 
I find any message resembling what is above. And what could it conceivably 
have to do with "opening" a WAV file which is on my hard drive, not 
somewhere else, and wanting to do the obvious which is to play it?

This is totally weird.

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