re: How to switch two -> single panel modes?

Does anyone know how to hide the second panel in one keyboard hot key?

Currently, we may do this by pressing <M-t> three times and manually set
user_format (from "panels.ini") from
user_format=full name type size:4
user_format=half name type size:4
and vice versa.


I don't know of a way, but ALT-T seems to cycle through the Listing Modes:

Full File List
Brief File List
Long File List <-- this one is single panel
User Defined

This begs a question:

In my panels.ini I have this:

user_status0=half type,name,|,size,|,perm
user_status1=half type,name,|,size,|,perm
user_status2=half type,name,|,size,|,perm
user_status4=half type,name,|,size,|,perm

What are these user_status[0-4] lines for? Apparently user_status3 is the format of the user_mini_status, but 
what are the others for? I can change them, but they don't seem to do anything.

I have a guess that they have something to do with this:

static const char *
panel_format (WPanel * panel)
    switch (panel->list_type)
    case list_long:
        return "full perm space nlink space owner space group space size space mtime space name";

    case list_brief:
        return "half 2 type name";

    case list_user:
        return panel->user_format;

    case list_full:
        return "half type name | size | mtime";

Perhaps sometime in the misty past, the user was allowed to define these himself, instead of being 
hard-coded. Come to think of it, that would be a nice feature.

Peace and Cheer

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