Re: directory in wrong panel

I found, if I revert this patch

diff --git a/src/setup.c b/src/setup.c
index 1e5e8c6..dcbf929 100644
--- a/src/setup.c
+++ b/src/setup.c 
@@ -984,13 +989,13 @@ load_setup (void)
     if (startup_left_mode != view_listing && startup_right_mode != view_listing)
         startup_left_mode = view_listing;
-    if (mc_run_param1 == NULL)
         vfs_path_t *vpath;
         buffer = mc_config_get_string (mc_panels_config, "Dirs", "other_dir", ".");
         vpath = vfs_path_from_str (buffer);
         if (vfs_file_is_local (vpath))
-            mc_run_param1 = buffer;
+            saved_other_dir = buffer;
             g_free (buffer);
         vfs_path_free (vpath); 

the old behaviour is back. I like this much better (btw I am using mc 4.8.10)

Is there a reason the old behaviour was changed?


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