Re: mc Digest, Vol 109, Issue 2

| If you are referring to MTP and PTP as a "passing fad" &I think you are
| probably not correct. They appear to me to be pretty standard protocols
| these days.

|> BTW, how do I ask a 800 char question to a user whose twitter-adr only
|> is known?

|No idea. I don't do Twitter or any other social-media setup.

My friend is desperate for me to email her relatives in Scandinavia,
but all addresses bounce and she's told that 'they only have
mobilies these days'.
BTW. how would you build-a-file from pieces of mc-ed files, each
in a different WorkspaceVT [since you previously denied that the mouse
which can carry text from/to any where is effectively part-of-the hardware
and therefore more basic/essentail than any other utility]?

Since mc:^F  *overwrites* the target file, wouldn't it be better, like 'nc'
if it just appended?

Also if you want to copy the text-extract to file: stuff.Xtract, you won't
lose the possibly, already existing stuff.Xtract; or is there another facility
of mc which I haven't yet discovered which already does what I often want?

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