Re: create default ini if now one exists

NOTE: replying to OLD message: been a while since opened my mc list folder... 

It would appear that on Jan 24, basti did say:

can someone explain how the ini in /root/.config/mc/ is created if there is
now one?

This thread is about 6 months old at the time of this reply. But since I
don't see any replies, and I'm curious to...

If you mean how to create one for the root user when there isn't one, All
I ever had to do was to open mc as root, F9 > Options > Save setup
I want to modifiy the default ini (use intern editor, show line numbers etc)
to set the changes also to users that dosn't exists now.

Two things to note here. 

1) If you edit this ini directly while mc is running, AND still have the F9 >
  Options > Configuration "Auto save setup" attribute set, your changes will
  be overwritten when you close mc.

2) If by "to set the changes for user that don't exist now" You mean you
  want your modified ini to show up in the ~/.config/mc/ dir of all future
  new user accounts you create on your system:
   * You could try: 
   * {this assumes the ini you want to set is in /root/.config/mc/}
   * open mc as root 
   * cd /root/.config
   * {tab} to other panel
   * cd /etc/skel/
   * if /etc/skel/.config doesn't already exist: mkdir /etc/skel/.config
   * cd /etc/skel/.config
   * {tab} to other panel
   * select the mc directory
   * F5 
   **  Copy directory "mc" to /etc/skel/.config
  The next time you create a new user account it should automatically
  include an ~/.config/mc/ini file.
Though I note that this will not stop the new user from editing his/her ini file...

Ubuntu write:


              The  default  system-wide setup for GNU Midnight Commander, used
              only if the user's own~/.mc/ini  <file:%7E/.mc/ini>  file is

But I can't find the file in Debian Wheezy.

This isn't just a Debian Wheezy thing...

I got curious and checked that the F1 {help} > contents > Files still lists
/usr/share/mc/mc.ext for that: it does with the version "4.8.7" I'm using
on Mageia Linux at the moment...

I just quickly checked the file system(s) of my Mageia system, and mounted
the filesystems of my other installed linux: {antiX, Sabayon, Bodhi, AND OpenSuSE}
And none of them contain an actual /usr/share/mc/mc.ext file.

I then recalled that another file mc's help system says is located in the same
directory, {/usr/share/mc/mc.ext} has been actually found with all the above
Linux installations in /etc/mc/ instead. So I quickly checked /etc/mc/ on all
the above listed distros, and while all of them had an: /etc/mc/mc.ext file.
Not one of them contained an /etc/mc/mc.ini file.

So if anyone knows where the mc versions installed via the package managers
of any/all those Linux distros are hiding the actual default mc.ini file,
please do tell.

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