Re: nlink

On Fri, 04 Jan 2013 18:48:09 +0000
frank <y199mp1505 gmail com> wrote:

In Midnight Commander, nlink is supposed to be the number of symlinks 
to a file. So far so good.

hardlinks? You can't count amount of symlinks to a file without
probing every file on your filesystem to be a symlink on requested file.

Hardlinks to a new dir come from 2 nodes:
- '$your_dir/..'
- '$your_dir/.'

'stat -c%h /path/to/dir' should show the same value.

But I have created a new subdir '123456789' in my home directory for 
which I have to assume no symlinks exist.

Well, MC says nlink is 2 in this case. Where are those two symlinks?

Should be not different from 'stat' call.



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