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Hi Felix,

I'm not an expert but I have always wondered why in some copy/moves it shows just the file names, sometimes 
file names and sizes and sometimes file names, file sizes and percentage of number of files.  Mind the 
percentage did not use to be very good. I recall on one occasion a good few years and versions of mc ago, 
when the files were fairly large so the count was easily readable. After 4 files of six it said 100%.

Sorry that has  not answered your question.


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Did info displayed during file group copy/move operations become configurable 
in 4.8.8? It used to indicate transfer rate and which file of among total 
files selected was in progress, in addition to % of group complete and % of 
current file complete. Now all that shows is % complete on file currently 
being transferred. This new information lack is very frustrating doing huge 
video files across slow connections. :-(
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