Re: mc Digest, Vol 107, Issue 3

Thanks, I'll try SlakARM.
I've analysed why many people HATE mc.
The sports-man/soldier-type who train to do the task by reflex,
like your dog catches a ball, want to go-straight-to-the-goal,
by writing a mesg to the-little-man-in-the-box.
The don't want to see the 'clutter' of multiple fileNames and
have to make decisions, during the game.
They have a complete mental-model of how to reach the goal.

On 4/2/13, Theodore Kilgore <kilgota banach math auburn edu> wrote:

On Tue, 2 Apr 2013, chris glur wrote:

Can someone confirm that mc is available for ARM:rPi ?
I've often wondered why Debian doesn't acknowledge that
gpm is the most essential utility and mc is the 2nd most.

Hi, Chris,

ArmedSlack (Slackware for ARM, aka Slackarm) does contain a package for
mc. I can also confirm that, as of a couple of months ago,
slackarm-current is running well enough on the RPi.

In Debian, you might possibly be able to get mc by the routine of running
sudo apt-get install mc. In fact, I think that I vaguely recall doing that
successfully during my first attempt to get the RPi up and running, back
when I first got one of them. As to why Debian seems to bypass mc as part
of the basic distribution and seems to want to make people go and get it
instead, I have no idea. I have often wondered about that obvious
omission, myself.

Theodore Kilgore

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