Re: Midnight Commander Guide

Nice work,

there are some key bindings which don't work here, maybe due to my
terminal emulator (such as Alt-â). But for sure Ctrl-I doesn't redraw
the display wenn it's messed up. I need to do the Ctrl-o twice.

I also would like to know how to change the default keybindings.
I was able to change the autocompletion keybinding in an old mc using
the "learn keys" option. But with never ones it's not working



Am Montag, den 24.09.2012, 11:10 +0200 schrieb Nat:
On Sun, 2012-09-23 at 18:19 -0700, Mueen Nawaz wrote:

I've written a guide to Midnight Commander in presentation format:

The basic idea is to introduce it to someone who doesn't know about

Let me know if you can think of anything to add.


Maybe you could add that the copy and move dialogs (F5 and F6) have a
very useful history.
With Alt-H you get a list of dirs that you have used earlier to copy or
move to.
Clicking with the mouse on the [^] at the end of the input line has the
same effect.


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