[801bab95] issues with man pages


compilation and installation of commit 801bab95 on my GNU/Linux box
using the standard incantation (./autogen.sh, ./configure; sudo make
install) was just fine, however, there are three issues, the first of
them serious.

(1) mc fails to find the resource directory if called for man pages.
    Going to a (uncompressed) man page `foo.man' and pressing F3

      /tmp/mc-wl/mcextQeBmEa: line 14:
        /lib/mc/ext.d/text.sh: No such file or directory

    Obviously, it misses the `/usr/local' prefix.

(2) mc doesn't respect first-line comments in man pages like

      '\" t


      .\" e

    to call `tbl' and `eqn', respectively.  I suggest to always use
    the pipe

      ... | tbl | eqn | nroff ...

    (in which doesn't do any harm and is fast enough today to stay
    unnoticed by the user.

(3) Looking into `ext.d/text.sh' I see that you always call nroff with
    `-Tlatin1'.  I strongly suggest to remove that.  Recent versions
    of groff's nroff script check the locale to automatically select
    the right -T parameter.


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