Override default TAB behavior...

I like being able to navigate via the shell at the bottom of the mc
window, but having to hit ALT-TAB (ALT-^i), or ESC, TAB is
unacceptable, since it's different enough from the real shell I use
(bash) and the context switch from shell to mc is too great.  I just
can't get used to it.  What I'd like is to be able to swap the actions
of TAB and ALT-TAB, so TAB does completion, and ALT-TAB moves the
focus to the other panel.  Nothing that I've seen thus far shows that
such an option is available, except for maybe modifying the mc source.
 Will I have to resort to editing the mc source for this?  This should
be a configurable option, I'm surprised I haven't been able to figure
out a way of doing it.  Note I don't necessarily want to change the
behavior of TAB in other features, like the editor, various viewers,
and help menu, just for the main panel.  It looks like you can
override all of the subsidiary functions for TAB/ALT-TAB, but not this
most basic one.



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