Re: go to parent directory with backspace

On Thu, 17 May 2012, Alan Corey wrote:

Yep, have another better way.

F9 -> Options -> Panel options -> [x] Lynx-like motion
NB: panel listing mode shouldn't be a 'Brief file list'

... and you will navigate as well by "left arrow" (leave directory)
and "right arrow" (enter to directory). An in my opinion, this
behaviour much better, rather than navigation by 'Backspace' key.

I haven't seen that work in Total Commander, but as long as we're on
the subject of comparing, here's one thing I miss: In Total Commander
you can quickly sync up your left and right panes to the same place by
using the drive letter dropdown, even if they were both already on the
same drive to start with.  Is there a quick way in mc to set one pane
to where the other one is?

Unless things have changed in a newer version that I have not yet 
installed, this is an old feature. Use Alt-i to make the other panel to 
show the same directory, and you can also use Alt-o to make the other 
panel go to the parent directory of the current one. 

BTW, these two items are well documented.

Theodore Kilgore

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