Re: mc Digest, Vol 97, Issue 12

Message: 3
Date: Wed, 16 May 2012 08:01:59 +0200
From: Jabba Laci <jabba laci gmail com>
To: mc mailing list <mc gnome org>
Subject: go to parent directory with backspace
       <CAOuJsMkQMdVnuh3d6hSsQKBZH_chOxjcJSRt2oKOFGCNPd8iuA mail gmail com>
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In Total Commander there is a very handy feature: with backspace you
can quickly jump to the parent directory. It'd be nice if this feature
were added to MC too. If the bottom command line is empty and
backspace is pressed, it could be interpreted this way.

Or is there another shortcut for going back to parent? Pressing Home +
Enter is 2 keys :)

    If you configure MC for 'Lynx-like Motion', the left arrow key will take you
back to the parent directory.


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