mc needs user-contributed-pool

c, while retaining the proven classical design principles of nc,
has evolved to almost an emacs-like tool.
And as such should be collecting a library of user designed apps.

I've got some, and other users will have some which we should share.
There needs to be a pool. Is there a wiki, or something suitable?

One simple app 'hooks' into the <formatter/indenter> via
shift/F9 to fix USEnet etc. cited lines which look like:-
..................long line overflow
short piece >> spurious cites. The cat sat on the mat.
  to give:
..........long line overflow short piece spurious
cites. The cat sat on the mat.

simply [IIRC] by:
<remove all ">>" |
replace EOL by space |
fold at word-break with single space between words |
prepend leading ">>"

It's just 2 lines of existing filters piped together.

Another one which is astounding, is just 2 lines of `awk`,
which will eg. list [in panelised mode, for  long paths] the,
say 20 files with path-perfectly-corresponding-to-physical-
location of physical items [typically paper documents],
per specified clasification.

Example: If I want to know the location of all my papers
related to [one of many] topics 'Legal', I just 'select
pLegal; and I get the list of /path/file, where eg.
means the document  called 'Dog'
is located in: Office7, FilingCabinet3, MiddleDraw,

When you need to know which of the docos re. 'Legal'
has the info re. X, you'll have your list of 20 [say] files
describing the contents of the 'Legal' papers.
F3, immediately gives you a view of the file describing the
document/booklet's contents.

Because the file-dir is perfectly isomorphic to real-space,
if you eg. move the filingCabinet to
 then `mc`just `moves` the corresponding sub-dir.
 There's one problem: if you remove 4 docos, for a meeting;
 after the meeting, the system lacks a method of knowing where
 to replace the papers to.

 Who's got a solution to that?
 Here's another app that we need.
 Again the <formatter via Shift/F9> passes a text-section and
 it's file to the script, which needs to:
 * look in the text-section for "["<number>"]"
 * search down for the FIRST line containing "<number><space>"."
 * append the rest of that line to <File>.

 This is for automagically extracting URL from lynx/links, instead of
 manually cutNpaste. for eg, the http-fetched text, looking like:-
" ..the text with corresponding link number [26] has the URL below
....many lines....before the numbered URL is listed ....
26. http://<url of corresponding text>
But I'm having problems with the regex for "["<number>"]"
 Who's got a solution to that?


== Chris Glur.

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