Re: Sort Order - Mix All, Hidden, Regular, Files and Directories

On Sun  15 Jul 2012  09:09, John wrote:
On Sun  15 Jul 2012  00:22, williamk orcon net nz wrote:

Unless your build has been modified from the original. The sort order can be set by going to menu (F9) 
then going to Right or Left and that will show menu with sort order. Change to suit and then Save.


Thanks Will, but that i know, regardless what order you set under
the left or right panel, or under the panel options, hidden (dot)
files/directories or always come first. I like the "ls -la" behavior,
mix all.


I'm sorry, that is not correct, i meant that what setting i choose, i
never get a mix of alphabetically sorted names of dot and regular files
and directories.

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