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Felix Miata wrote:

 I'm a heavy MC user with multiple installations of Fedora, Mageia,
 Mandriva, *Buntu,&  openSUSE, including devel versions. Since v4.7.5
 or v4.8.0 or so, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to where MC is
 located when initialized, or the dir current on exit. On some it
 always starts in a particular location, while in others it starts in
 the dir current when started, and same for quitting. I've turned off
 auto save setups wherever I've been able to find them.

 What controls this location of start and quit behavior? Looking in
 mc.ini nothing jumps out at me, same as in menu options. What I want
 is the old behavior from 4.6.1 or so, starting in the dir current when
 started, and staying in the dir current on exit. How can I get what I
 want in recent versions like 4.8.1&  4.8.3?

MC is typically hosted on the desktop within a terminal so that probably
determines where MC is looking. On Sabayon XFCE, MC is not a menu item
so I start a terminal and type MC which shows my home directory.

Turns out 4.8.3 provides the old behavior. I just didn't have it installed on enough installations to recognize that only versions in between 4.7.something and prior to 4.8.3 were taking me out of . as it started up. Whether or not there's a setting that can control it I still don't know, but at least now it stays put until I want elsewhere.

 Why set a directory hot-list for your favourites?

Mine are already lengthy. Adding more only makes others harder to use.

What I really miss terribly (on Linux, e.g. when not using OS/2 and FC/2) is a hotkey recent dirs list like FC/2 and FC/W have.
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