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After decades of using mc I found a fantastic use of Panelising:
display all the files which have "Class:" and <whatever> on the same row,
  or "Class:" & <class 1> & <Class 2>

I set the display for <full width one panel only> because when I eg. run `pTLC`
from the <top of my dir tree, which 'mirrors' my physical storage space>,
I typically get 2 dozen entries, where a typical one may look like:
  /ofcB/FlcabL/drawMid/HngFl/OCG/GrnAFROX  <-- long path needs FULL screen

Which means that one of the list of paper-record's relating to project TLC
is located in real/physical-space:
 officeB, FilingCabinetLeft, MiddleDraw, .....GreenFolder-marked-AFROX.
So the panel allows you to collect all the files which describe documents
related to project "TLC".

I'm wondering now if it would be possible to <search in the panalised selection
for file/s containig String1>, probably I've tested that it's not possible.

So then I just hit <F3> [or <F4>] to view/edit the description of that
paper doco, to see what it's about, and if it's one of those that I need
for what ever I'm doing.

Obviously some papers relate to multiple projects.
Then I just write in the file, a line with:
  "Class: do cat fish"
and then I'd have a "pDogCatFish" script.

The scripts are 3 or 4 lines of awk code, which USEnet specialist
helped me code.

I *DO* remember that when I was testing the system, if there were actually
N entries of eg. "Class: TLC" the panel only showed N-1 entries.
And it was always the top entry that was missing. Right now I can't remember
if that was the 1st alphabwtical or the most recent, but a did a work around
which AFAIK was eg. a dummy file called "==TLC==" which became the unseen.
'top one'.  AFAIK, later, this list reported that the <missing panelised
element bug had been fixed>.

I don't remember using C-R or C-x.
IIRC I used the <menu> to setup 'panelised' mode, and keyed in
eg. `pTLC` or `pCatDog` and moved it down to the <panelise position>.
There is a facility to 'recall the history of commands'.

BTW a simple one-liner <find grep/awk> can list all the files which contain
"Class:" and "cat" and "dog" [on the same line], but mc-panelising
collects them all together for detailed viewing/editing.

== Chris Glur.

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   1. Refresh external panelize (Steven Haryanto)


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Hi all,

Recently finding out (again) about External Panelize, quickly becoming a
favorite of mine. I'm trying to replace 'watch'-ing some files with this.
Is there a way to make C-R re-executing the command? That would be much
more convenient than C-x ! down down* Enter. I'm willing to use another key
binding, but how do you instruct mc to execute a certain command in
External panelize? Is macro the right way here?

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