Re: mc Digest, Vol 104, Issue 3

There should be more grafiti-walla for wanabe artist to relieve thm selves.
Imagine searching a dir-tree of 10 MB of text-file compare to
searching the same text-content of 30MB  .pdf ?! Many/most .pdf
convert "ff" into their own arty glyph, so that eg `mc`
search-dir-for-string would NOT find "difference". I hate pdf-pushers
plain text. Re. html, which the inet had degenerated to using as it's
default, my method of fetching text/info is a one-line-script:
G1277 L NameOfTopic
where G1277, means it's got 2 args, and uses `links` to fetch the TEXT
[truncated to line-len77]
of each URL in file:L, and append the fetched texts to
file:NameOfTopic, with the headerline being the  URL [fetched from L]
and a tail-separator-line "<><><><><>" between each fetch.
Then I've got a utility to delete the repeating crap which comes with
each fetch from the same URL
What we need is a repository for user utilities related to mc.

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