Midnight Commander (stable) released

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Hi all,

mc- now released (stable).

Download page: http://www.midnight-commander.org/downloads?order=id&desc=1

Major changes and fixes since

- - VFS

    * Internal VFS reorganization (#2695).

- - Misc

    * Code cleanup (#2781)

- - Fixes

    * Broken support of XDG_* shell variables (#1851)
    * Segmentation fault while background copying (#2663)
    * Interpretation of LANG variable needs to be case insensitive (#2386)
    * Cannot copy zero-length files with "Preallocate space" option
    * Problem in the Copy operation with unchecked the "Preserve
attributes" option (#2278)
    * Cursor position reset after update when panel is panelized, but
doesn't (#2766)
    * File selection reset after exit from the archive in the root (#2776)
    * Can't rebind Fx keys in the file manager (#2384)
    * The last (or single) word of hyperlinks in the interactive help
don't act on mouse clicks (#2763)
    * Case sensitive search with SEARCH_TYPE_PCRE is broken (#2764)
    * mcedit can't record input char (#2757)
    * mcedit: save file on top of existing directory changes dir's
permissions (#2761)
    * mcedit hangs up on replace with regexp contains '^' or '$' (#1868)
    * Segfault after open incorrect archive (#2775)
    * mcdiff crashes if one panel is not in the listing mode (#2769)
    * Active VFS directories list contain incorrect current path (#2779)
    * Date not set properly in manpage (#2692)
    * Empty texinfo rule in mc.ext (#2774)

- -- 
WBR, mc development team.
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