Background processing

Hi there. First let me say that I just found MC and I feel like it's Christmas! It does exactly what I want and always available because it works in an ssh terminal so thanks to anyone on this list who is a developer.

My question is about background processing. This is what brought me to MC because I do a lot of large copies. I can't find any information on how it is supposed to behave though. Do the background moves and copes detach themselves from the terminal session, or is there a way to? I have MC running on Fedora and I've been trying to experiment and not getting consistent results. In some cases I close MC when I have some copies going and they keep going, in other cases they stop. A couple times they stopped while i had MC running. I was also left with [defunt] processes.

Could someone tell me how it works for them? Perhaps it would help me figure this out, or if it is even working properly. Thanks!

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