Re: F5/F6 rename functionality

I am sorry for this post I had overworked 3 days in a row with almost no-sleep, I should really clarify 
things in different tone, and possibly after oversleeping this. That's my shame that I made myself so angry 
and posted my nervousness here. I'm using MC in my everyday work very often. My MC installation was updated 
from some ancient version by mistake in a very tight time-schedule moment, and I realized that the rename 
feature was changed (which worked in such a way that the move/F6 window had a filename also available to 
edit). In addition, the ESC shift6 does not give me a solution to reach rename file window. Obviously I did 
my renaming tasks using console/script, but simple rename in MC is not possible to access anymore on some 
strange connection of terminals.

Greetings and once again I'm really sorry for my stupid post tone.

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