FISH (shell link) log?


I'm having a problem with Shell link, which appears to be using the
whole artificial protocol, FISH (instead of just running simple
commands over SSH, I mean). The error I specifically get is error box

Cannot chdir to /#sh:android 192 168 1 39:2222

I was looking how to get more detailed log, but see no way (in
particular, --ftplog= swicth doesn't help). That's the main question.

Now, the device I'm connecting to is Android with Dropbear sshd
running. As its Android, it doesn't follow common Unix dir structure.
Looking at ,
it would start with 

echo FISH:;/bin/sh

Well, there's no /bin/sh on Android, I created a symlink, but of no
avail. So, I may imagine it uses /bin/cp and stuff. So, the other
question is why all these FISHy overcomplications, why abstract away
something terribly simple as just using 2-3 commands over SSH, which
now causes problems with lesser, but still Linux, devices.

 Paul                          mailto:pmiscml gmail com

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