Re: simple player for mp3s

On Fri, 13 May 2011 18:31:20 +0400
Andrew Savchenko <bircoph gmail com> wrote:


On Fri, 13 May 2011 09:49:35 -0400 Frank wrote:
mpg123, mpg321.

  These are the first ones I tried. However I'd like to be
able to end the playing easily, preferably with the press of an
escape key (much like feh, which I use to preview jpgs etc).
Maybe I'm doing something wrong but it seems mpg123 only quits with a
double press of control-c ?

Have you ever read the manual?


-C, --control
     Enable terminal control keys. By default use 's' or the
space bar to stop/restart (pause, unpause) playback, 'f' to jump
forward to the next song, 'b' to jump back to the beginning of the
song, ',' to rewind, '.' to fast forward, and 'q' to quit.  Type 'h'
for a full list of available controls.

  Guess I missed it..after reading 15 manuals.

Also you can always use mplayer.

  It works too, but mpg123 is faster on audio.

Best regards,
Andrew Savchenko



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