Re: Smarty Syntax Highlighting File?

On Fri, 5 Aug 2011, Keith Roberts wrote:


If I delete the /usr/share/mc/syntax/php.syntax file, then edit a php file, I get the following error:

Load syntax file

Error in file  /root/.mc/cedit/Syntax on line 89

But when I use mc to look for that Syntax file it's not there ??

Now if I copy my own Syntax file to /root/.mc/cedit/Syntax
with those two lines in it:

     file ..\*\\.(tpl|TPL)$ Smarty\sTemplate\sFile
     include smarty.syntax

The .php file opens for editing without any Load syntax file error, and the php file is not syntax highlighted any more.

Furthermore, if I edit a Smarty template file ending in .tpl that Smarty file is now using syntax highlighting.

So where is the location of the mystery default /root/.mc/cedit/Syntax file ??

This is really strange.

Any ideas please?

Kind Regards,

Keith Roberts


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