Re: Unity redefines F10

* Jabba Laci <jabba laci gmail com> [110429 00:06]:

I installed the new Ubuntu (11.04) today and I noticed that Unity
redefines F10, thus quitting from mc is not that easy anymore. Now I'm
using ESC + 0, but F10 would be better.

Do you know how to get back F10 in Unity? I haven't found it yet.
 I am running Ubuntu netbook remix (10.10) on my Asus netbook. After I
 installed it, I could not successfully remap any of the keys.
 Shortly after that, I found that I had the alternative of logging
 in with the gnome desktop and was happy to leave unity behind. 

 Have you tried booting into gnome, going to preferences and setting
 up keymapping there, then rebooting to unity and see what has

 BTW: I'm with T. Kilgore and others that MC could provide more
 remapping features, but there might be some answers on the ubuntu
 forums. Or it might be worthwhile to make a complaint or a bug
 report about the unity feature.

tim at johnsons-web dot com or akwebsoft dot com

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