Problem using cdrtools for iso contents display with MC

I've recently hit a problem trying to read iso files with MC. Looking at /etc/mc/mc.ext, viewing iso contents is handled by this code:

# ISO9660
        Open=%cd %p#iso9660
        View=%view{ascii} isoinfo -l -i %f

I'm not sure if this is a recent version, but under Salix, isoinfo is provided by cdrtools-2.01.01a78 (a Slackware package). Using this, a number of iso files give a series of parsing errors, followed by a double message setting UTF.8 to match locale settings. After these messages are passed, an empty directory is shown - nothing of the contents of the iso is displayed.

Under Zenwalk or Vector, isoinfo is part of cdrkit. This works without errors. Using the isoinfo commands from the command line on an iso which cannot be read under MC in Salix shows no visible differences - both versions produce apparently identical output. But, for some reason, MC seems to be unable to parse the output from cdrtools.

I can supply captured listings from both versions of isoinfo, if it is of any help, and also suggest some iso files which are giving trouble.


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