Re: panels.ini problem

It would appear that on Jan 4, paul marwick did say:

:) Personally, I'm much rather have the behaviour from the 4.6.x series, where
I could select the right hand pane start directory and save the settings, as
well as turning off autosave setup.

OK I'll confess that most of this panels.ini thread is beyond my
understanding. (which might be related to the fact that I'm still using
linux distro supplied versions of 4.6.2-pre1...) But this explanation of
the old behavior rings a bell with me...

I'm not quite sure what replaced this behavior, But I'm quite sure I agree with
Paul about having the old 4.6.x behavior. I'm rather fond of the way that
no mater what the current working directory is when I start mc, the other
panel is going to start up pointing at my preselected directory of choice.

Whenever I install a new linux, one of the first things I always do is to 
add mc if it's missing. Then I fire up mc long enough to turn off that
durned annoying auto-save function... Then I cd one of the panels to my
current chosen directory switch to the other panel and save the config.
then I quit mc long enough to use $vim ~/.mc/ini to set:


And if using the root account I add:


So that I never mistake an mc session started with "su -c mc" for one
with normal user permissions...

Then having insured that I have mc on my side I can begin to settle in
to the new linux environment...

I've been reading things I don't really understand about mc 4.7.x that are
making me nervous. I saw something about colors someplace that made me
wonder how much I'll have to learn to make a root mc session look so
strikingly different from my normal user sessions. But it looked like there
was going to be some mechanism that should let me do that so I wasn't too
worried about it. Now I'm seeing this thread which is making me wonder if
I'll be able to have the other panel consistently open on my pre-selected
directory of choice. AND also disable that annoying auto-save feature???
I mean if it's only a matter of learning how to configure this file named
"panels.ini" while mc isn't running then I shouldn't worry so much.

It won't matter much to me until 4.7.x trickles down to the various linux
distros, But if I'm going to have to learn a significantly different way of
setting it up when I get it, I'd like to know about it before it happens to

What will I need to do to get similar behavior from mc 4.7.x in regard to
initial panel directories, arrow navigation, & user specific color

(if the changes are significant, is there a how-to for non-experts???)


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