Re: Mc Digest, Vol 70, Issue 10

Alt+h. h and H are different keys.  In file panels, Alt+h shows
the history of command line, and Alt+H shows the history of
panel directories.

One reason why I've ignored these, is that it does NOT show
the 'global mc cmnd-line history'.

I've typically got 20 mcS running in the various VTs of the
various desktops.

It shows some cmnds which I made sometime in the past.
Of course for a specific VT/session the <up/down arrow>
shows the immediately recent cmnds of *that* VT.

If I could see the last 10 cmnds that I've made in *ANY*
VT, that would be useful.  Is this possible?

The concept of whether you are looking at the local or
global state adds complexity/confusion-potential, but is
I'm still trying to find which Destop and VT a particular mc invocation
 has, given that I know the pid.
When you change the dir/s of a mc, this fact must be recorded, and
since you might switch to other destops/VTs before comming back, I assumed
that the changed-dir-info would be recorded in a file; but by tracing
"all files which have changed in the last N-minutes" I can't find it.
So apparently the <which dirs a mc is set to> is stored in RAM?
Each mc has its pid which has a dir in the '/proc' tree. But I can't find
the info there. Can anybody tell how to find the Desktop/VT, given the pid?


== Chris Glur.

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