Re: Editing with mc

On Sun, 29 Aug 2010, Helmut Hullen wrote:

Hallo, Thomas,

Du meintest am 29.08.10 zum Thema Re: Editing with mc:

1) I don't know a short cut key to get to the beginning or to the
end of a file I'm editing, what am I missing?

CTRL-Home will move you to the top of the file you are editing.
CTRL-End ditto end of file.

That's what I'm expecting, but the cursor moves only to the
beginning or the end of the line!

Same unexpected behaviour here;
mc-20100509_git (Slackware-current)

which terminal emulator are you using?

Sorry - what are you asking for, how can I detect what you want to know?

Do you mean "TERM"?

       echo $TERM

tells "xterm" (running the machine via "putty").

"putty", perhaps.  I don't recall that PuTTY supports key-modifiers for
function-keys.  Probably MinTTY does this...

Maybe that's the reason. When I go to the real keyboard (and not via
"putty") then "echo $TERM" tells "linux", and Ctrl-end works as
described. With old and new versions of mc.

I've seen a few comments about people setting Linux console up to provide modified keys, but haven't seen where it's done that way by default.

Thomas E. Dickey

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