Editing with mc


I'm always stumbling across two small bugs/features(?):
1) I don't know a short cut key to get to the beginning or to the end of
a file I'm editing, what am I missing?
2) If I edit a symlink of a file, the symlink is broken after saving the
file. The workaround of editing the original isn't that useful.

Any hints (or even code changes) are welcome.

Kind regards

PS. Thank you for the further development of mc!
Prof. Dr. Jobst Hoffmann            Tel:   +49 (241) 6009-5 31 59
Fachhochschule Aachen Abt. JÃlich   Fax:   +49 (241) 6009-5 31 89
Fachbereich 09                      email: j hoffmann fh-aachen de

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