Re: Irritations and frustrations with improved(?) search functionality


Sorry for breaking the thread, but your initial post was eaten by my
Bogofilter (was too long?)...

The F9 menu gives a "Find file" option.

It always used to be the case, but now that the history has been
unified, it pre-fills the content field be default.

Subject to change.

Behavior of content search within a file using "/" or F7 seems to 
me to have been seriously degraded from what for years used to 
"just work."

Assuming that you are talking about viewer, its forward search does
wrap, but displays a dialog ("Search done, continue from the
beginning?") beforehand. Backwards search does not wrap, which might be
considered as a bug. Open a ticket for that.

This is not a new one. I have mentioned it before on this list but
somehow  it has not been fixed. Namely, the two options F7 and "/" in
the good old days used to work separately, but now they work

This is arguable. I haven't seen any viewer that explicitly maintains
two separate search buffers for some weird reason (I guess this mc
"feature" has not been documented either). The new behavior seems
logical to me and is a welcome unification.

So let me say that another thing I found very frustrating did get 
fixed in the release I am using. Namely, during several recent
versions of MC the content search functions F7 and "/" were 
forgetting what one was searching for if one closed one file 
and opened another

The magic mantra is "Open and follow a Trac ticket and thine wish shall
come true". Being more terse will also help a lot.
Sincerely yours,
Yury V. Zaytsev

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