Re: jump to letter shortcut?

On Thu, 29 Oct 2009, Helmut Hullen wrote:

Hallo, May,

Du meintest am 29.10.09 zum Thema jump to letter shortcut?:

I tried to find it in manual but without luck- is there a shortcut to
"jump to letter" in MC? e.g., I hame a zillion files in a directory
and would like to jump to the first that starts with P?

Do you search "ctrl s <letter(s)>"?

Viele Gruesse!


I do not know if this was the situation, or not, but:

If he is attempting to do that in an xterm, then without special measures it may not work. For example, it may print some kind of funny character at the command line instead of doing what is wanted and expected. It is possible to substitute Cntrl-S in that situation and to get the response which is expected with Alt-S. But basically, what has happened is that the expected behavior of the Alt key has been intercepted and changed by X. Several other key bindings which MC uses all the time are thereby borked in that situation, too. For me, the solution was to create a file called .Xdefaults in my home directory which contains the single line

XTerm*metaSendsEscape:  true

The problem is caused by the introduction of Unicode key mappings in X. It is possible to disable Unicode key mappings in X, but as I recall there is no discussion of this in the mc documentation. At least, last time that I faced this issue there was not.

It is probably a good idea for the future to provide such documentation in some natural place, such as the man page, and also to look more deeply into reconciling or forestalling the difficulties, somehow.

Hoping that this helps,

Theodore Kilgore

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