Re: Mc Digest, Vol 66, Issue 1

Re:   Major changes since 4.7.0-pre2
* hotlist: support for environment variables ($HOME, ~username, etc.)

I've partially solved my problem of knowing which of 20 VT's has the
particular path already set [only the active panel of mc shows] for stuff
which I want to do. And related to that:
because I need a 2.6x kernel for some job, I tried to install the
Debian-Lenny CD which someone gave me. What a can of worms ?!
No mc nor gpm !! And when I query the NewsGroups, they tell me to
use bash.  It's amazing that/how users manage without mc ?!
Now using non-X we need to be able to see which VT we're in,
without having to remember or push buttons; so if the PS1 prompt could
replace the useless "root localhost" argument with the console number,
that would be very valuable. 'man bash' > PS1 says 'try /l', but it's
complicated: profile & .bashrc ...etc.
Does anybody know how to do this, please ?

BTW I'm in VT3 [of desktop 1] now but because I'm in X/kde, I can see that,
but interestingly: # printenv | grep 3 ==
KONSOLE_DCOP_SESSION=DCOPRef(konsole-1276,session-3) <-- "3" = VT3.

But on the DebLenny-box 'printenv' doesn't seem to show which VT is showing.

Normally I should d/l the new mc to install in the new 2.6* partition/box,
but so far the new DebLenny has been so punishing, that I fear to try.

== Chris Glur.

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