Re: Mc Digest, Vol 67, Issue 2

Debian Lenny 2009 to my spare box. I'm running as root and
'whereis mc' shows: /usr/bin/mc /usr/lib/mc.
'mc' shows '/usr/bin/mc : No such file or dir..'
'ls -l /usr/bin/mc' shows "the 3 levels of execute permission".
Enrico Weigelt wrote:---
Looks like a libc problem.
Try strace /usr/bin/mc and post the output.
No strace avaiable there. mc is much higher priority!
Yury V. Zaytsev wrote:-
Which version of mc is this?
I can't see. But it came with Deb 2009 CD.
/usr/bin/mc is 379'984 ? 386-code
/usr/lib/mc/FAC has a 1996 News post from J.Kukonlehto,
and mc.tcl dated 1997 [last update], which I've never seen in my,
newest working bin/mc [519624 bytes]
of FC1.
Frank Dietrich wrote:
Maybe a missed library? What does ldd /usr/bin/mc say?
/usr/bin/ldd : line 117 : /usr/bin/mc: no such fl or dir

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