Re: The good old daze...

Are you using mcedit to edit the .mc/ini file? Try exit mc, use
another editor and the reload the ini file with mcedit.
If it solves the problem, then it is a bug: the mc editor can not edit
it's own ini file.
If not, you have some MS ghost in your machine :)

2009/7/21 CD Baric <cdbaric gmail com>:
I have been using mc since '95 and like mcedit as my default editor
and I like the old default of being dumped into the directory you were
examining when exiting mc.

How do I setup these defaults?

I run Ubuntu AMD/64 Jaunty - 9.04.

When I attempt to edit the .ms/ini file, it is reset to it's default
condition when mc is restarted - what kind of oppressive Microsoft
crap is that?


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