Re: Mc Digest, Vol 68, Issue 12

It would appear that on Dec 18, MK did say:

Subject: Re: Mc Digest, Vol 68, Issue 12

 Just a side note, how would a NON-digest subscriber know what issue 12 is?

At the moment this list is low enough volume that I'm likely to scan the
contents of any thread I don't KNOW is uninteresting to me. But if the
list becomes a high volume one and the tendency to use such cryptic Subject:
headers persists I'd miss some good stuff.... Such as:
chris glur wrote:

My mc doesn't wear out. The slak3/199? version is fine too.
Beware of creeping featurism.
Wow, that's great. Actually it gives me the "other panel's path",

Ctrl-x then p (this panel), ctrl-x then ctrl-p (other panel).  Ie, for this panel release ctrl before you 
press p.

I'd word this more strongly:
* we don't want to find these trick by luck.
* where's the officail list ?
* how many more are hiding ?

Those two are under F1 (help) ->Contents->Keys: Shell Command line.  Alt-p and Alt-n (for command history) 
are there too if you don't know about those!!

Somebody also sent me this and forgot to CC the list:

Alt-a -- get the fullpath for the current panel directory
Alt-A -- get the fullpath for the other panel directory

Same thing only easier!  I don't see them anywhere in Help tho.

Alt-a Alt-enter makes a very good substitute for C-Shift-enter. I'm real
glad I opened this one...

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